Military Dating

Online Military Dating Sites are very popular. You might be surprised by how many non Military women join these sites.  Soldiers are considered by many to be highly desirable.  Who doesn’t find the idea of a brave, selfless hero to be extremely attractive?  There’s something else about soldiers that can draw women to them.  They have a job and they have a purpose. Not that having money has anything to do with it. I think we all know that soldiers aren’t usually rolling in dough but they do have income and they aren’t losers.  As the saying goes the Military makes men out of boys.  Yes, I know that a lot of soldiers can act as silly as frat boys do but going to war is very stressful and sometimes they need a little comic relief.

My own father was an aimless hoodlum when a judge ordered that he either join the Military or go to jail.  Of course he chose the Military and being a tough guy he enlisted in the Marine Corps. That was back  in 1961 when that kind of thing was pretty common. Of course now days that kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore.  When my dad came out of the Corps in 1963 as a grown up, responsible man he married my mother 2 months later.  My mother had known him before he was in the Military and would have nothing to do with him but while he was home on leave she saw him and saw that he had changed and agreed to go on a date with him.

With the features offered on like Mobile Dating as well as Virtual Dating even a deployed soldier can easily meet and get to know singles back home.  What better way for a lonely soldier to spend his down time than going on Virtual Dates with potential love interests from back home?  I would imagine that that would be a nice break for someone so far away from home.  Any feelings of  isolation and loneliness can be greatly reduced if you have a girl from back home to email, call and Virtual Date and wouldn’t it be nice to have a girl to come home to?

So if you’re a Soldier yourself or a woman looking for her own hero to love you should check out and see if there’s anyone there you find interesting.

As a final note I would like to thank our Soldiers for their service.  You are true heroes and you, more than anyone, deserve to be loved and adored. I sincerely wish you good luck in your quest for love.


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